An exclusive Electric Vehicle (EV) Rental and Taxi service

Transforming core rental solution for shared mobility to a fully integrated ecosystem, supplemented by charging and swapping stations

The Challenge

Pollution and global warming are universal issues that must be addressed on top priority. Recent natural calamities and disasters occurring at alarming rates have pushed the entire world to think of alternatives.

The automobile industry is the largest contributor to the economy across globe, but at the same time, vehicles running on fossil fuels are also one of the largest contributors to pollution and global warming. While a life without vehicles is unimaginable, an alternate in the form of electric vehicles does exist – adoption of these is the current challenge.

Above issues inspired us to offer an entire range of EVs on short- and long-term rent. We offer an easily adoptable, operationally convenient and highly economical solution across all user segments. EvRS intends to provide a fully integrated solution for first- and last-mile commute and delivery, through its fleet of EVs covering bicycles, two- and three-wheelers, e-rickshaws, cars, buses and even tractors.

The running and maintenance cost for EVs is almost 1/10th of ICE vehicles

India (Govt.) will save a huge chunk of foreign currency spent on imports of crude oil.

Our contribution towards making our planet healthy not only for us, but also for generations to come.

Business Model : Bicycles, Two- and Three-Wheelers, E-Rickshaws


On mid- and long-term rent to

  • delivery personnel of food delivery aggregators, courier cos., delivery partners, logistic cos., small and mid-size shops and offices
  • E-Rickshaws for first and last mile commuting in association with the public transport network, including Metros.


Rental EV solutions for all individual needs: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual.

Business Model : Cars and Buses


On mid- and long-term rent to large corporates, MNCs, airlines, premium hotels, large fleet operators, municipal councils, state and central government, etc.


Rental EV solutions for all individual needs: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual.

Business Model : Tractors


On mid- and long-term rent to airlines.


Rental solutions for farmers: daily, weekly, monthly.

What's next?

Future Roadmap

  • Launch B2C app-based EV-only Bike Taxi & Car Taxi services across 10 major Indian cities, within two years – app currently ready, pending minor customizations.
  • Several innovations and developments in the Electrical Material Handling Equipment space present a large opportunity for B2B.


  • All vehicles insured, equipped with modern technology to trace, track and control movement.
  • Batteries also equipped with IoT.
  • Entire fleet controlled through single console; ability to immobilise any vehicle from the console in case of theft or security concerns.


All charging, swapping stations operated and controlled through app. We will begin with 5 charging and swapping stations across Pune, and increase the number as the business scales. We plan to have EvRS outlets for maintenance, charging and swapping, within 500 meters of each Metro station.

Launch & Scale

Rising fuel prices, FAME II and state incentives and subsidies have given a big boost to EV adoption. Technology is embedded, operational platforms are ready and the business model is proven. The only remaining component is the TEAM. A good team comes at a good price. To make the venture viable and successful, we plan to launch with 100 scooters, 50 three-wheelers (passenger and cargo) in B2B segment.


We are looking to raise USD 400,000 / INR 3 Cr. through I-Safe Notes. These funds will be utilized for office setup, business licensing, vehicle purchase, technology adoption, platform building, software integration, data server, talent acquisition, customer acquisition, branding, liaisoning, etc.

This is a globally scalable, large potential, big business opportunity, with high revenue and profits.

Founding Team

Sushil Bora

40+ yrs experience in Multiple Business Domains

Savita Wandre

35+ yrs. experience in Accounts, Admin and Finance

Sakhi Shah

5+ yrs. experience in different domains